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ActionTab is a virtual fretboard that shows you how to play guitar at your own pace. It's really simple! Try some of our free lessons and see for yourself...

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We make guitar easy

When we created ActionTab we wanted something that a total guitar novice could just look at and understand immediately. The concept and interface is so simple that it's even being used by children younger than 10 years old! We won't baffle you with guitar jargon or bore you with abstract theory. You want to play, and our goal is to get you improving straight away!

We make guitar fun

Learning guitar shouldn't be a chore. We do all the hard work so that you can focus on the fun stuff. The boring part of learning is wading through loads of unnecessary and useless information. We get rid of all the boring bits and get you straight into the fun part, actually playing guitar!

We make learning fast

With ActionTab you'll be playing your favorite songs or even composing your own in no time. All it takes is a bit of practice on your side and we do the rest. This isn't magic. We're just teaching in the most concise and efficient way possible. Check out our testimonials page to see some of the comments we get from people whose playing has improved vastly since using ActionTab.

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"The attention to detail is also excellent... creating the impression that you are actually learning from a real teacher."
Guitar Buyer Magazine
"I love your site, it has been very helpful for me as I picked up the axe again after a 25 year absence so I could teach my 16 year old son."
Brent Kellogg
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